The Sea Change – Stuart Goodeve

Here’s a new addition to the creative writing section of the blog. It comes from Stuart Goodeve, mainly known as guitarist/lyricist for the awesome dark funk band The Morphic Fields, here’s some of that work

The Sea Change – S. Goodeve

And so the tides of life lay swept
The same routines the same regrets
And towards the rocks these ideals head
Smashed amongst rock these ambitions met
Only to recoil and try again, blindly, determined
Endgame set

But the Earth may it be complex
The Earth may it be alive
To change the tide and drown such pride
That has drag-ged me and overthrown me
And often left a lonely me

For a quarter century it does pass
I find my meaning, the turn-ed mast
The change of tide, may it long long last

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