So many new songs! – Tenacious D, Sigur Rós, Bon Iver/The Flaming Lips, Soundgarden and more!

The last couple of days have seen a crazy number of new song anouncements from bands big and small! Leaving aside Justin Bieber’s new song because… well, it’s Justin Bloody Bieber, they’ve come from some absolutely legendary bands. And who are more legendary than our first band…

Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

That’s right, The D are back. The legendary comedy rockers have resurfaced after a conspicuous absence after the epic Pick of Destiny. All I know is, they’ve got a little bit fatter and they are just as prepared to rock out. Although the song isn’t their best by any long shot, it’s still a decent D track, and equal to anything off the first album (excluding Tribute obviously). I’m gonna put the song in the embed from Soundcloud, but they’ve made a silly video and by God, when the D make a silly video, it must be watched. (and it’s got rock legend dave grohl in it, so you know it’s good).

Sigur Rós – Ekki Múkk

From the D to a very different band, its time for the new song of the epic soundscape band. They released this song as a teaser for their upcoming album ‘Valtari’.

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

The Flaming Lips / Bon Iver collaberation – Ashes in the Air

Ahead of the release of the new Flaming Lips (with guests) LP – The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends they’ve released this song which sees The Fearless Freaks fuse their oddball psychadelic sound with the more understated Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver. As for what it sounds like, the best description I can give is “Fucking Weird”.

Soundgarden – Live to Rise

In the Grunge story there were the Big Four, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and these heavy rockers. It’s been 13 years but we finally have the first snippet of new material from these legends, and I mean snippet, it’s ridiculously short. In all it does at least sound like a traditional Soundgarden song, plus, it being in the avengers movie, it gives anyone a new excuse to see what is looking like an absolute tank of a movie.

Beach House – Myth

I don’t know if any of you have heard of Beach House. They’re definitely worth investigating of you like dreamy reverb-laden electro-pop. I first heard about them through Warpaint, and there are some similarities it has to be said, but Beach House are much more than you’d expect. The new song, Myth is layered and well-crafted, while not lising any of the necessary pop charm. Explore at will.

Odd Future – Rella / N.Y

And finally we have the violent mysogynistic, homophobic rap group. This is more of a bonus track, but with the release of their second proper record ‘The OF Tape Vol. 2’ they’ve made two absolutely bat-shit insane videos, as they become ever more acceptable in the rap world.

And with that, I’ll finally let you be…

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