New Songs Round Up 05/08/12

I’m back from holiday so I thought I’d get up to speed on all the interesting new songs that’ve emerged while I’ve been away

SBTRKT – Gloss

SBTRKT was one of my favourite artists to emerge last year, and his debut album deserved its fantastic critical reception. His soundcloud account has steadily been revealing some new material for a while, and these two songs are hopefully an indication of where he’s going with an as yet unannounced second record.

Too Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

Ahead of the release of their much anticipated second album, and following their perfomance as the Olympic Torch was being lit, this is the debut single of the new material. It’s pretty tasty, and a solid Indie choon.

Frank Ocean – Bad Religion

Right, I’m cheating here, this isn’t technically a single release, Pyramids is the actual lead single for Ocean’s critical explosion of an album, Channel ORANGE. But, he did perform this on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with The Roots as his backing band. While I had (and sort of still have) my doubts about Ocean, this song blew them away. Some of the best lyrics, and an incredibly honest emotion, its a one of a kind song, and set to power Ocean into the top spot for male solo artists.

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

This is something of a guilty pleasure for me, as it is clearly heavily influenced by 90s R&B, but at the same time, it fuses with glitchy electronica, in the vein of SBTRKT to make the first single I’ve ever downloaded from amazon, which is a hell of an achievement, but deserved for such an outrageously catchy and funky pop song.

Amanda Palmer – Want It Back

With an inventiveness to inspire awe and fear, Amanda Palmer leads off her record-breaking Million Dollar Kickstarter campaign to fund her new album with this single. This being Amanda Palmer, she inevitably gets naked, and the video is pretty damn NSFW so watch out who’s looking over your shoulder when you press play.

BONUS – Arctic Monkeys – Come Together

This was definitely the highlight of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and a cracking cover of my favourite Beatles tune, by one of my favourite English bands. The fact it charted is testimony to just how cool the two bands combined are. It is just funking sick.

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