Pick of the best upcoming gigs in Southampton and Winchester

Things are starting to settle down after the end of year rush, and I’ve noticed that a number of really good bands are out and about on tour at the moment. So I’m using this post as a heads up for those people who would like to see some good music coming up, but don’t want to find out about it the day after tickets sold out, or have to go round venues picking up leaflets. Also these are gigs I will actually be trying to go to, so if anyone wants to go, I’ll probably be there too.

Public Service Broadcasting

14th Feb – Swim Deep @ The Joiners, Southampton

Let’s kick things off with a show on TONIGHT! Don’t worry, though, it’s sold out online (sorry, they might have some on the door), but I thought it would be nice to begin with something immediate. Swim Deep have been gaining traction recently thanks to a group of fairly decent singles, and videos that could put them up as breakthroughs in the slacker rock department, hot on the heels of Peace and Palma Violets. With support from strong locals New Desert Blues, this should be a great gig. Here’s the song of theirs that most caught my ears thanks to the line ‘Fuck your romance, I wanna pretend that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend’. And you can’t argue with that.

18th Feb – Villagers @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Villagers’ new album {Awayland} got them wide respect and a larger fan base, and my vague support thanks to the Sparklehorse-y ‘Nothing Arrived’. Fans of folk-rock can’t afford to miss this, even if it is in a rival town, Wedgewood Roooms is a good venue and support is coming from Stealing Sheep, fresh from their own support slot on the recent Alt-J tour, and whose debut album is a fantastic under-the-radar gem.

21st Feb – Public Service Broadcasting @ The Railway, Winchester

Now for this one I AM GOING, I’VE EVEN BOUGHT A TICKET, so you should all join me. Public Service Broadcasting are a duo that merge WWII era public information films, be it about the blitz, spitfires or technology, with Amnesiac-era Radiohead-esque instrumentals. They make a tasty, tasty sound and a live show that combines video footage with great rock is something I don’t want to miss. Also one of the support bands is local group Pivotal who are probably my favourite local live band after seeing them support Slow Club last year.

23rd Feb – Wilko Johnson @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

For those who don’t know, Wilko Johnson is a guitarist who was in iconic proto-punk band Dr. Feelgood. His guitar sound has been one of the most iconic ones around, and he is also one of the most thoroughly likeable musicians around. So when news came that he had terminal cancer the music world waws pretty depressed. But what was more stunning was Wilko’s reaction, declining Chemo and choosing to go on a ‘farewell tour’ to say goodbye to his fans. He also gave an incredible interview to BBC about how great he felt having received the news which is pretty damn awe-inspiring. This last chance to see him is pretty damn unmissable: “Every little thing you see, every cold breeze against your face, every brick in the road, you think ‘I’m alive, I’m alive’ – I hope I can hang onto that.”

28th Feb – Burglars of the Heart (and CIRCUS) @ The Joiners, Southampton

Now I know very little about the headliners on this day except that they’re an indie-folk outfit who have an album on bandcamp. But I hear that support band The Circus are some sort of amazing new rock band that blow everybody’s minds or something, and that in no  way are a band that I play in that I’m shamelessly plugging, but seriously do come it will be fucking amazing. Here’s the facebook event.

7th Mar – Stiff Little Fingers @ The Brook, Southampton

Legendary Northern Irish punk band, currently having a film made about their earl scene. They re-united and have come on tour. Punk fans should not miss this chance to see such an iconic group.

11th Mar – Tom Odell @ The Brook, Southampton

SOLD OUT but man would I looove a ticket. The winner of the Brit’s Choice award (not an award I’m a fan of tbh), but he’s got some style. A potential british piano Jeff Buckley, he gets all the hype at the moment. Steal and scrounge your ticket if you can.

11th Apr – King Krule @ The Joiners, Southampton

King Krule has to be the single coolest young musician out there. A scrawny ginger with a ragged bass voice, he’s got the most incredible musical talent around. Recent single Octopus showed that this is a kid who has been listening to the right kinds of music for years, the strong dub influence coming through magnificently. Catch him now before he gets turned into some sort of cool version of the Jake Bugg working-class-hero bollocks.

21st May – Lucy Rose @ The Brook, Southampton

Another gig I already have my ticket for, Lucy Rose had an epic 2012 and powers through 2013 with another tour. This time not the tiny Joiners but the more expansive The Brook, well worth getting tickets for the woman who has now outshone her early backers Bombay Bicycle Club. She’s a great live host too with charm in abundance and the tunes to match it.

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