This is place for any articles or reviews about that most vital part of the industry, the local music scene. We cover Southampton, Winchester and also Porstmouth and Bournemouth if we really want to.

Local bands, hit me up at if you want me to review any of of your gigs or releases. I don’t do singles but I do cover EPs and albums, just get it to me free or get me on the guestlist.


INTERVIEW – Public Service Broadcasting

21/3/13 – Public Service Broadcasting (+ Pivotal), The Railway, Winchester

20/2/13 – NME Tour, Bournemouth (Peace, Palma Violets, Django Django)

30/12/12 – Akala, Mic Righteous, The Next R.E.V.Olution at the Joiners, Southampton.

28/10/12 – The Vinyl Club – Review (Dolomite Minor, The Redundants, The Red Sky Experiment, Underplay)

Road to Blissfields: Winchester – Review (Taming the Savage, Winterhours, The Joys Of Sleeping, Ben Goddard, Arp Attack)





Arp Attack – Devil’s Drop – Review

Heronshaw - The Truth, It Hurts

Heronshaw EP Launch – Review

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